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I am currently pursuing a Ph.D. in educational leadership at Andrews University, investigating steps school leaders can take to turn gossip into work talk that fosters a culture for solution in early childhood education programs. This topic of study is important because of the spiritual consequences gossip has on those who do it and are victims of it. I am especially interested in creating productive and long-term solutions to the problem of Gossip in schools, churches, and families using biblical principles.

You can learn more about me and my upbringing in this book, What I Gain Through His Pain. 


M.S. Education/Special Education Early Childhood (Birth-Grade 2), Touro College 

B.A. Multidisciplinary Studies (Music & Theatre), Stony Brook University

Research Interest

 Gossip in schools, churches, and families 


Qualitative Research /Phenomenological Approach

Related Publication

The Wagging Red Rag: How Gossip Stings the Soul!” Ms. Allen, the teacher in the preschool classroom, couldn’t keep her red rag from wagging against and stinging her students. I was the therapist who refused to join in on her wagging and stinging spree. Ultimately, I became her next red rag victim. In this book, you will learn how to:

  • Discourage gossip in the workplace
  • Avoid gossip in the workplace
  • Set the standard for your own behavior in the workplace

In “The Wagging Red Rag: How Gossip Stings the Soul,” I share my struggles as a red rag victim and how I overcame the stings of gossip through faith in my Lord, Jesus Christ. You can, too.


The 2017 Office of Research and Creative Scholarship Grant, Andrews University

Graduate Status

5-year Ph.D. student


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